[Pete] Good evening, y'all!
[erin-on-air] evening pete!
[krugerf] Good evening everyone! It's great to be with you!
[erin-on-air] thanks for coming, frank!
[barbara-on-air] oh he y'all people are back
[Pete] Hi Erin--I just drove 200 miles back from a meeting, at high speed, to be sure and listen!
[erin-on-air] you sound like my kind of guy. :)
[Pete] Great opening question--when I was Editor of the IALL Journal (as it was called then!), we spent almost 5 years without a K-12
[Pete] columnist.
[erin-on-air] what prompted you to find one?
[Pete] In the beginning, history--we had one when I arrived. But he quickly went on to other professional duties.
[Pete] In the end, five years later, we had just located a new K-12 columnist as I left the post myself.
[johnm] Is a "magnet" school a public school or is it charter?
[erin-on-air] sorry y'all, that was the conference call.
[erin-on-air] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnet_Schools
[johnm] are they public or charter?
[barbara-on-air] public
[Pete] What languages are taught? (Sorry if answered earlier...I am multitasking tonight)?
[Pete] Articulation is a major issue everywhere!
[Pete] For public universities, varies from state to state. Texas requires 2-3 years of a language for HS graduation.
[Pete] And as a result, we are able to set our basic expectations of incoming students with some standardization.
[erin-on-air] does texas require 2-3 years of language study in general, or 2-3 years of study in one language?
[Pete] One language.
[erin-on-air] so, if a student takes a year of french, and decides to switch to spanish, that first year of french does not count?
[barbara-on-air] hello MRL
[MRL] hi
[barbara-on-air] erin: huh?
[erin-on-air] that was a followup question to pete.
[erin-on-air] about HS language requirements in TX
[Pete] I would have to consult with our admissions specialists on that question.
[Pete] Trading Spaces?
[Pete] (I watch HGTV, not Lifetime!)
[Pete] Barbara has never admitted she was one of us at UT System?!
[barbara-on-air] hook'em horns!
[Pete] Do you own any wardrobe items in burnt orange, fess up?
[erin-on-air] :)
[barbara-on-air] curiously Oberlin has some burnt orange in its colors too
[erin-on-air] huh?
[Pete] That's your story and your sticking to it!
[barbara-on-air] maroon and orange lettering...yes?
[erin-on-air] crimson and gold. and white.
[barbara-on-air] gold=burnt orange
[erin-on-air] um....okay
[barbara-on-air] depends upon the printing company :-)
[barbara-on-air] I have a Texas Exes bumper sricker somewhere
[Pete] In a future show, we can sing "The Eyes of Texas" together....
[barbara-on-air] erin would kill the audio feed
[Pete] That's only because you pay her.
[erin-on-air] no, she'd have to pay me not to. actually, i have a soft spot for UT. has to do with sports. i won't go into it.
[Pete] Millenials.
[barbara-on-air] Erin! You killed Pete!
[erin-on-air] uh-oh
[barbara-on-air] I just accused Erin of killing Pete
[Pete] You go, on the textbook theme!
[erin-on-air] that needs a whole 'nother show all by itself.
[Pete] Firefox is also giving me fits tonight...not playing well with Java this p.m.
[krugerf] I'm still here, but not my phone line.
[erin-on-air] uh oh...let me reconnect you
[erin-on-air] there we go
[krugerf] Thank you!
[erin-on-air] de nada
[erin-on-air] ewan's blog: http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/
[krugerf] Great! I'll check it out!
[Pete] Ewan is great--his blog is "must reading"!
[Pete] http://weblogg-ed.com/
[Pete] Will Richardson's blog, that is.
[Pete] Another wonderful discussion--good evening, y'all!!
[krugerf] Thanks for tuning in Pete!
[erin-on-air] thanks as always, pete! come again, y'hear?
[erin-on-air] we'll have a show on netsquared in early june...
[erin-on-air] barbara ganley: http://mt.middlebury.edu/middblogs/ganley/bgblogging/
[barbara-on-air] thank you erin