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English Church History

 By Charlotte Mary Yonge


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By Charlotte Mary Yonge
Published 1883
National Societys̓
Depository ; James Pott
217 pages
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Aug 23, 2006
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caractacus, rome
picts, germanus, columba
lindisfarne, ethelwulf, paulinus
becket, anselm, suffragan
charta, magna, popes
bishoprics, cranmer, abbeys
convocation, frampton, wilberforce

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Monthly Reference Lists
by Providence Public Library (R.I.) - 1881
The Kngljsh Reformation," by Rev. Cunningham Geikie. (1879.) Also Perry's " History of the Church of England." p. 203-4. C. The establishment of Protestantism in En^ln:,/. ...
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Public Schools for Girls: A Series of Papers on Their History, Aims, and Schemes of Study - Page 47
by M. A. Douglas - 1911 - 302 pages
... Divinity I Procter & Frere. Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer. Macmillan. 3S. 6d. Rev. Canon Newbolt and Rev. Darwell Stone (edited by). ...
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The Health Exhibition Literature - Page 488
At head of title: International Health Exhibition, London, 1884.
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Other editions

English Church history
by Charlotte Mary Yonge - 1883
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Places mentioned in this book

Canterbury - Page 60
News quickly came back to Canterbury, and so angered his friends that they made no difficulty, when the cong/ d'etre came from King John, ...
more pages: 14 16 23 41 46 55 72 87 100
Rome - Page 185
Both parties alike called themselves Protestant to mark their disapproval of Rome.
more pages: 22 57 58 60 62 64 95 121 129 183
Oxford - Page 164
In many places the regular worship was secretly carried on, and the Bishops of Salisbury and Oxford ordained fresh priests among men still willing to ...
more pages: 76 77 78 86 121 176 192 205 206 215
York - Page 23
Wilfred was restored to York, and there surprised the simple, untaught people by the improvements he brought from Rome. ...
more pages: 24 25 26 72 85
London - Page 167
Conferences were held at the Savoy Palace in London to see if a reconciliation could be effected without giving up anything essential to the life and ...
more pages: 16 110 139 151 154 188 198 204 209 210
Cambridge - Page 76
Some, who had been clever lads, had been taught at the abbeys, and were recommended by them to houses of the same order at Oxford and Cambridge ...
more pages: 201 202 203
Gloucester - Page 115
Also, when at Gloucester, he had classes of poor people daily to his palace to (instruct them in the meaning of the Creed, Lord's Prayer, ...
more pages: 198
Bristol - Page 199
and when first the sisters began the schools, they were treated with much distrust and suspicion. 8. They lived near Bristol, and established schools.
more pages: 165
Zanzibar - Page 214
The work, however, still proceeds in Zanzibar, and the great African Island of Madagascar likewise has its Bishop, while, on the other side of the ...
Aachen - Page 30
Another learned English monk, named Alcuin, was invited to Aachen, to become tutor to the sons of the famous Emperor, Charles the Great, ...
Jerusalem - Page 57
and at last three of them set off to Rome to ask pardon from the Pope, who sent them on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, when one died on the way. ...
more pages: 1
Herat - Page 203
he sank under the hardships of the journey, and died, still a young man, at Herat, in 1812. 16. The history of his life and death did much to stir up ...
Peterborough - Page 34
carried in chairs to watch the rebuilding of th< abbey by a grandson of King Alfred. Medeham stead was also restored, and took the name Peterborough, ...
Exeter - Page 127
However, Miles Coverdale, of Exeter, had returned to England, and there were three other Bishops who had been consecrated in the time of Henry VIII. ...
Hounslow - Page 181
The soldiers in the camp at Hounslow heard the good news and cheered. The King heard them and his heart failed him. That night all London shone with ...
Lancaster - Page 85
WHILE the fierce strife of the houses of York and Lancaster was raging, there was little time to think of questions of Church doctrine. ...
Dover - Page 62
A messenger named Pandulf came to arrange the matter, and met the King at Ewell, near Dover. Here John not only promised to receive Stephen Langton as ...
Mold - Page 5
A large number of these had just come to keep their Easter, and to receive Holy Baptism in the river Mold, when tidings came that a great host of the ...
Windsor - Page 82
When he was accused of heresy, in 1413, Henry, who was now King, had him at Windsor, as a guest, from Easter to August, to argue out the mattter with ...
Northampton - Page 158
Jones, of Welling- borough, seventy years old, lame and sickly, was hunted by the rabble into Northampton. A bear, which had been taken from a ...
Paris - Page 159
seven or eight years, the only place where the Prayer Book was publicly used was the chapel of Sir Richard Browne, King Charles's ambassador at Paris. ...
Croydon - Page 143
The Archbishop would not have the King's letter read in his church at Croydon, but James did not heed him, being now much under the influence of ...
Plymouth - Page 211
Pancras, London ; another followed at Plymouth, under Priscilla Lydia Sellon, and these institutions have since multiplied wherever the need of labour ...
Brunswick - Page 189
the doubt had >een whether the crown would pass to Anne's loman Catholic half-brother, or to her Lutheran :ousins of the house of Brunswick. ...
Salisbury - Page 55
however, that it would come, Henry caused his eldest son and namesake to be crowned by the Archbishop of York and the Bishops of London and Salisbury, ...
Florence - Page 86
There was a collection of Greek books in Florence, and a party of English scholars from Oxford went thither to study them. ...
Christchurch - Page 211
The first was begun at Christchurch, St. Pancras, London ; another followed at Plymouth, under Priscilla Lydia Sellon, and these institutions ...
more pages: 59
Cape Town - Page 210
Not long after, Cape Town, in Africa, became a see under Bishop Robert Grey, and the new colony of New Zealand was bestowed on George Augustus Selwyn, ...