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FEB 02 'S35.

SEP u 2003

NAY 2 2 2007

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Beaver Fur Cloth /j

IOC 104 1







All Wool Zibeline Polo

Exceptional Coat Value

Here is an exceptionally low-priced coat of good quality velveteen plush in two tone effect For dressy wear and all around service it will give you excellent satisfaction. Popular deep collar of rich black silk seal plush may be worn draped over the semi-fitted back or buttoned high. Set-in sleeves with cuffs of silk seal plush and novelty pouch pockets trimmed with self-covered buttons give the latest style note. Lined with good quality figured sateen. Give size when ordering Ship, wt., 5 lbs. 8 oz.

SIZES: 34 to 46 Length at back, about 48 inches.

1 OC1 OO Taupe Gray.

1 OC 1 0 1 Burgundy.

1 OC 1 02 Brown.

1 OC 1 03 Dark Copenhagen Blue.

Price, each . . $31.95

Chicago Portland, Ore.

Smart Style in Every Line

The style of this warm Beaver Cloth Coat makes it just what you want for winter wear. It combines smart style and serviceability and is sure to be a great favorite Pop- ular features are the convertible choker collar, roomy pockets and belt which may be worn all around outside or slipped through side slots, so as to show loose hanging back. Lined throughout with good quality lustrous finish cotton serge, which will outwear a silk lin- ing. We contracted for our goods early enough to give you this coat at a very low price. Give size when ordering. Ship- ping weight, 4 lbs. 4 oz.

SIZES: 34 to 44. Length at back, about 36 inches.

1 OC 1 04— Beaver Tan.

Price, each . . $23.50

For Everyday or Dress Wear

For this fashionable coat we have chosen heavy velveteen plush in rich Burgundy. Blue or Black, a material that gives splendid service. Becoming lines and good tailoring make it a desir- able choice Set-in sleeves, deep slot pockets and novelty cuffs are distinguishing features. As a full-belted style it has an un- usually attractive back with a plait from each shoulder, and fancy buckles on the belt in back. Large convertible cape collar. Lined throughout with durable sateen. State size when ordering. Shipping weight, 4 lbs. 10 oz

SIZES: 34 to 46. Length in back, about 48 inches. lOCI 06 Burgundy.

IOC 107— Black.

1 OC 1 08 Dark Blue

Price, each . . $24.95

New Style, All Wool, Fur Collar

These three splendid features are found at a very low price in this up-to-date coat. It is made of All Wool Zibeline Polo a warm mate- rial very similar toPolo cloth but with a firmer weave. In back the tailored box-plait . is combined smartly with the latest set-on yoke which appears when the collar is buttoned. A luxurious Kit Coney collar worn as a cape or buttoned high makes this gar- ment excellent for winter wear. Raglan sleeves, all around belt and new pouch pockets. Lined to waist with lustrous Twill sateen State size when order- ing. Shipping weight. 4 lbs. 14 oz.

SIZES: 34 to 46. Length at back, about 48 inches.

1 0C 1 1 2 Brown.

1 OC 1 1 4— Navy Blue.

Price, each . . $32.50

& Kansas City * Fort Worth

( Satisfaction Guarantfedor Your Money Back)


Shipping weight, 6 ft. size 8 It. size 10 ft. size 12 ft. size

Queen Anne Design


266C82SO— Walnut Finish 4_8-in,

Extends to 6 ft. Ship, wt,., abt. 185 lbs. ....... .

Extends to 8 ft. Ship. wt.f abt. 215 lbs

Extends to 10 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 260 lbs

Extends to 12 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 300 lbs , .

266C8253— Mahogany Finish 48-in

Extends to 6 ft. Ship. wt.. abt. 185 lbs.

Extends to 8 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 215 lbs

Extends to 10 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 260 lbs

Extends to 12 ft. Ship. 'Wt., abt. 300 lbs

State size and top desired. . . . . ,

Shipped from our warehouse in Indiana or in Chicago.

A Queen Anne design dining table of unusually attractive design. Massive and solidly built. The large top is veneered in Walnut or Mahogany and is very beautiful and carefully finished. This is a very high grade and up-to-the-minute dining table and will more than please you.



54- in.






































54-in. Top of Quartered Oatl

266C8275 Extends to 6ft.. 266C8277 Extends to 8 ft. . 266C8279— Extends to 10 ft... 266C828 I —Extends to 12 ft...

48-In. Top of Seasoned Plain Oak

266C8267 Extends to 6 ft $52.75

266C8269 Extends to 8 ft 59.75

266C827I Extends to 10 ft 64.75

266C8273— Extends to, 12 ft 69.75

Shipped from warehouse or factory in Indiana.

Diameter of top. 48 or 54 in. Largest diameter of pedestal, 11 in. State finish.

This Colonial table depends on the graceful, correctly proportioned lines of the design, and tM figure of the wood for its attractiveness. Built of thoroughly seasoned Oak, and finished either in tl shade and polished or in the rich Fumed brown color. 8, 10 and 12 ft. tables have concealed dr] support ends of table when extended. Shipped taken apart to save freight, but easy to set^j

266C8332 Extends to 6 ft. Ship, wt., about 200 lbs. $57.50

266C8334 Extends to 8 ft. Ship, wt., about 225 lbe. 64.50 266C8336 Extends to 10 ft. Ship, wt., about 265 lbs. 69.50 Shipped from Warehouse yr factory in Indiana. Diameter of top, 48 in. Pedestal, 10 X in. square at largest part.

State finish wanted.

An attractive platform Mission base table that will delight you. Built of seasoned Oak, in either Fumed brown or Golden color. Massive plank top and non-dividing pedestal. Concealed drop legs on 8 and 10 ft. tables. Fitted with casters. We recommend the Fumed brown finish for a table of this type. The finish is not easily scratched or marred. Shipped taken apart to save you freight. Easily set up.

266C8350— Extends to 6 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 175 lbs . ,$64.9j 266C8352— Extends to 8 ft. Ship, wt., abt. 200 lbs. . . 7 1.95

2 6 6 C 8 3 5 4 Extends to 10 It. Ship, wt., abt. 225 lbs 76.95

Shipped from warehouse or factory in Indiana.

Diameter of top, 48 In. State finish desired. . . .

Dining table of seasoned Oak, in Golden or Fumed brotra with massive plank top of figured Quartered Oak and a non dividing oeflestal. Concealed drop legs on 8 and 10 ft. tables. The gracefully. ^ turned feet are of extra heavy construction.

The pedestal is of special construction, insuring solidity and tightly closed neat corners. Shipped taken apart. Easily setup.

266C8I80 Extends to 6 ft... 4 266C8 I 82— Extends to 8 ft.

266C8 i 84 Extends to 10 fy

Shipped from wa

Diameter of top, 42 in. or|

8 in. Ship wt., of 6 ft. size, 1 seasoned Oak, Golden or Fumj want. ' _

Stylish octagonal pedestal. Non-dividing pedestal. 8 tables have concealed drop legs to support ends of top when I Fitted with casters. Shipped apart to save you freight. Easy)

Shipping wts. Size lbs. 6 ft. 185

8 ft. 210

10 ft. 253

12 ft. 276

148-in. Top of Plain Oak

283 Extends to 6 ft. 085 Extends to 8 ft . 1 87 Extends to 10 ft. \39 Extends to 12 ft.

48-In. Top of Quartered Oak Veneer.

$48.95 266C8291 Extends to 6 ft.. $56. 85

. 55.95 266C8293 Extends to 8 ft. . 63.85

. 60.95 266C829S Extends to 10 ft. . 68.85

. 65.95 266C8297— Extends to 12 ft. . 73.85 Shipped from our warehouse or factory in Indiana.

;er of top, 48 in. Largest diameter of octagonal pedestal, 11 In. Ish desired.

seasoned Oak In Golden or Fumed brown color. Pleasing in ,J high-grade in construction and finish. Non-dividing pedestal ~th and rigidity. 8, 10 and 12 ft. tables have concealed drop legs :nds of table, when extended. Casters. ShippeiLUyieiMMMt to but easily set

•.iSpr.- . s*88-'




54-in. Plank Top

266C8262 Extends to 6 ft $81.75

266C8264— Extends to 8 ft 90.75

266C8266— Extends to 10 ft 98.75

266C8268— Extends to 12 ft 106.75

Shipped from warehouse or factory in Indiana.

Diameter of top. 54 in State finish. Solidly built of seasoned Oak with Quartered Oak veneer throughout, carefully polished. Comes in fumed or golden finish. Massive plank top and non-dividing pedestal. Concealed drop legs on 8, 10 and 12 ft. tables. Good casters. Shipped taJjen apart to save freight,, hut easy to set up.

266C8234 Extends to 6 ft. Ship, wt., a|»150 lbs. .$68.75 266C8236 Extends to 8 ft. Ship, wt., ^^165 lbs. 7 3.75 266C8238— Extends to 10 ft. Ship. wt„ |»180 lbs. 80.J"" 266C8240 Extends to 12 ft. Ship. wt.,/5bt. 19-5 lbs^

Shipped from warehouse or facto/ry in Indiana.


Diameter of top, 48 in. Diameter of pedestal, 9 in.

We recommend this unusually massive table. It is bunt or seasoned Oak and finished with C/olden or Fumed Quartered Oak Veneered top Fitted with casters. Non-dividing pedestal, with concealed drop legs on 8, 10 and 12 ft. tables. Shipped taken apart i save you freight, hut top is easily attached to base by screws.


Fine Selection of High

4: TlfcnJgamcipla,

$065 5prfc?.l5ch97 $2.65

Get a set of 6 for 15.90

Shipped from warehouse in Chicago.

Ship, wt., about 10 lbs. each.

This strong golden finished hardwood chair has bent brace arms, screwed to back posts and saddle shaped wood seat. Doubly braced base. Embossed top panel. You will find this chair good value, for the low price quoted.

5660850 i rf>A wp

Price, each . 4 O

Get a ?et ol 6 for j 6.50

Snipped from warehouse in Chicago.

Ship, wt., each about 11 lbs.

$099 -c6eCe!c5h°5“ $2.99

t W u Get a set of 6 for 17.94

Shipped from warehouse in Chicago.

Ship, wt., each about 11 lbs.

A plain design, but strongly built and serviceable. It is built of seasoned hardwood, in Golden Oak finish. Bent brace arms, screwed to seat and back posts add much to strength. Saddle shaped wood seat. Doubly braced base. At our low price, you make a substantial saving.

and inexpensive chair.

seasoned hardwood, in Golden Oak finish. Base doubly braced Fancy turned spindles and embossed top panel. Saddle shaped Lower top panel is just the right height to support one end of

«025 HSSESr. $3.25

AJtF Get a set of 6 for 19.50

m Shipped from warehouse in Chicago.

Ship, wt., each about 11 lbs.

A stylish plain back chair. Built of hardwood, in imitation Golden Quartered Oak finish Saddle shaped wood seat. Base doubly braced all around Back strengthened with bent brace arms, screwed to bent back posts and seat. You will be pleased with this chair if you are looking for a serviceable, moderately priced chair.











Shipped from warehouseman Chicago.

Ship, wt., each about 11 lbs.

Big, full size, attractive chairs at a small price. Built of nnd finished Golden Oak color. Both back panels embossed. Iiifilv braced all around. Saddle shaped wood seat. Back strengthen- Fh nt, brace arms screwed to both seat and back. The quality will you and the price saves you money.


566C853 I


Per dozen 27,75

Shipped from warehouse In Chicago.

Ship, wt., each about 10 lbs.

Built of hardwood stock, in Golden finish. Fancy turned spindles and stretchers. Saddle shaped seat. Bent back bow. Built with the thought of quality and service first.

trtQS SESS'r. $3.35

Get a set of 6 for 20.10

p 1 Shipped from warehouse in Chicago.

- Ship. wt.. each about 11 lbs.

A modern, plain, good looking dining chair. with broad back panel. Built of seasoned hardwood in Imitation Golden Quartered Oak finish, saddle shaped wood seat. Doubly braced base Back posts are turned and securely braced to scat by bent arms. A very comfortable chair.

$099 gStm^l8 FlchT:Whi.te. $3 .99

mu 566C852 7— Golden Finish .

Each S2.2 5

Per dozen 26.50

Shipped from warehouse in Chicago.

Ship. wt.. each about 10 lbs.

Built of hardwood. In Golden Oak or White Enamel finish. Steam bent back bow. Saddle shaped sent. . Rleidly braced base. The old kitchen chair.

$045 iSc.855,.T....

Get a set of 6 for....

Shipped from

Ship. wt.. each

Plain and good looking FlattenecL/pindles make a Made of seasoned hardwood. finish. Saddle

n Bnon Back and nos Kecurely braced to seat


To the Customer

Compare the quality of our merchandise , compare the prices and then judge for yourself If you are not fully satisfied \ send the goods back at our expense

OU, as a customer of ours, are not asked and are not expected to buy from Montgomery Ward & Co., unless we can sell you merchandise of a quality that satisfies and pleases you and at prices that mean a saving. We don’t deserve your business on any other basis.

You perhaps have noticed that we call our book a Catalog and Buyer’s Guide. By that we intend that it shall be not only a book of priced merchan- dise,' but that it shall also serve you as a guide of prices and quality wherever or whenever you buy. When you see that you can benefit yourself by buy- ing from us, then we are glad and proud to have your patronage and are grateful for it. If you ever find that the goods are not up to our description and to your expectations, then we ask you to send i them back and we will refund your money or credit it to you, whichever you prefer, and we will pay transportation expenses both ways.

1 It was almost fifty years ago that A Montgomery Ward and George R. Thorne established this busi- ness in a small store room on Wabash Avenue in Chicago. It has grown into the present plants at Chicago and Kansas City, one now building in Saint Paul for the Northwest territory, one in Portland, )regon, just completed, and one in Fort Worth

which is soon to be expanded. In addition, there are some fifteen factories as well as a string of warehouses.

When we ask ourselves the cause of this growth, we are always forced to conclude that there is only one real cause, and it can be expressed in only one way: A square deal for the customer.

This principle is the greatest asset of Montgomery Ward & Co. It is the foundation on which this business is built, and it is the one upon which it will continue to grow. So long as we give the customer an absolute fair and square deal, and watch his interests a little closer than we watch our own, the customer will respond. He has done it steadily throughout these past years and he does it today.

So we are not wholly unselfish when we insist that every description in this catalog shall be as accurate in illustration and in words as we know how to make it. We are right when we insist that every employee consider the customer’s rights as coming first, and we are sound business men when we make an inflex- ible rule of our house motto, "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back”.

When you use this book, we ask you as friends and as customers to do so with these, our principles, in your mind. Yours very truly,



It is our intention that every article illustrated or priced in this book-will reach you precisely as described, and in perfect condition, and give entire satisfaction. You take no risk in sending us your order for we absolutely guarantee satisfaction in every detail Unless you are fully satisfied -with the goods and with the saving that you have effected in your purchase, you are at liberty to return them at our expense. Not only will we refund the money you sent us, but we will gladly reimburse you for the transportation charges that you have paid.

iliMi H#l5i si aj|

33 31 IPiijjif J3

Jill jjj





THen/pjcmclflldld 7{p fhicaqo-

It ?s Easy to Order From Our Catalogs

Give Name and Address

When ready to write your order you can use one of the order blanks in the back of this book. If you haven’t an order blank, any plain piece of paper will do. W rite your name and post office address at the top, and and then give your shipping point. We ask for this information because in some cases a customer will receive freight and express packages at a different point from his post office address. Indicate in the space provided at the top of the order blank how you wish your order shipped. Write in the article number of each item and the quantity desired. Then give the name of the article, and the price. If necessary use several order blanks to cover all the articles you need.

Please State Size and Color Wanted when articles are offered in different colors and sizes.

How to Send Money

You can send your money to us by Post Office or Express Money Order ; Bank Draft; by personal check if you have a bank account; or cash, by Registered Letter. If you live on a rural route, your carrier will buy a money order for you and enclose and mail it to us with your letter. Simply give him the money and your letter unsealed. He will do the rest. We guar- antee the safe arrival of money sent in any of the above ways. It is risky to send currency or coin by ordinary mail, as we are not responsible for money sent in that manner.

Safe Delivery Guaranteed

We guarantee safe delivery of your order. If any merchandise is lost or damaged in transit, we make good with you first, and make claim on transportation company later. Always examine the shipment, however, before removing it from the depot, and if dam- aged in any way have the Agent mark the extent of the damage on the freight bill, and send this bill to us. It will help us in making adjustment with the railroad. _

Plain wrappings or packages will be used when making ship- ments if you request it.

When ordering repair parts please give make, model and year you bought the implement or machine. If there is a casting number on the worn or broken part give us that also.

Should package to be returned contain sample write on the front of the package “Sample.” If re- pair part write the word “Repair” on the package.

Also mark envelope “Sample” or “Repair” in case you send same to us in a letter. This will help us give you better service.

Methods of Shipments

Your order will be shipped any way you wish— by express, parcel post or freight. If you are in doubt about the best way to have your order sent, leave it to us. We will ship it in the most economical way.

Please bear in mind also, when having merchandise shipped by freight that there is greater saving if you build your orders up to the 100-lb. lim t. It costs just as much to send 50 or 75 pounds by freight as one hundred pounds, as all freight rates are based on 100 pound weight. Transportation charges are pa'd by the customer on all articles except those quoted prepaid in this catalog.

Unmail able Articles. A few articles m the Drug Line and inflammable, explosive or poisonous articles are not mailable and cannot be sent by Parcel Post.

These articles arc so marked in the descriptions.

Packages having a combined length and girth of over seven feet may not be mailed by parcel post.

C. O. D. Shipments are made upon request when orders arc accompanied by one-fourth of the total amount of the order. But it saves you needless ex- pense to send full remittances as all goods arc sold under our guarantee of “Satisfaction or dour Money Back.”

The Index on The Blue Pages in the Middle of this Catalog Will Show You the Page on Which the Article You Want is Described

On page 1032 of this Catalog you will find a Sample Order Blank filled in to show how very simple it is to order from us.

Order Under One Name

In order to prevent mistakes, and that our records may be correct, we urge that the different members of your family order under the name of the head of the family or household instead of in his or her own name. The name of the head of the household should always be given in the same way- for instance if you ordinarily sign your name John J. White, please do not write it J. J. White, but sign your orders with name in full John J. White.

This will assist us in eliminating duplication in our mailing lists, and will enable us to give your com- munications of all kinds very prompt attention and reply.

When you change your address please notify us, giving your new R. F. D. Number or Box Number so that you will be sure to get your catalog promptly.

Parcel Post Shipments

When you order goods sent by parcel post be sure to send enough money to pay postage in addition to the cost of the goods. If you send more than is needed, we will refund the difference. The weights of your goods are given on pages containing the articles. Page 597 contains detailed information on parcel post rates.

Information about parcel post, freight and express rates, classifications, etc., will be found cn pages 595 and 597.

from R LBj







. $



iomery Ward 0 Co.




Illustration showing how parcel post packages should be marked, with letter attached

It is against the Postal Laws to Seal Packages to be Re- turned by Parcel Post.


The prices in this catalog take the place of prices in all our previous catalogs. It is our policy to maintain the prices in each catalog until a new one is issued.

War Taxes

There are no extra charges to our customers for war or other taxes on any of the merchandise in this catalog. We assume and pay all such taxes. The price quoted in this catalog on any article is the full cost to our cus- tomers.

When Returning Goods

Under our guarantee of Satisfaction or your Momy Back you are at liberty to return any goods which do not fullj satisfy you. Use any of the following methods which best suits voir case.

1— If you return goods by PARCEL POST, send is a letter ex- plaining why the goods are returned, and if you hav< the bills for the goods return them with your letter. Address th< envelope the same as the package, and paste the envelope containng the letter securely to the package. (See illustration to the lefl). The letter should have a 2-cent stamp. The paikage will only require parcel post stamps. Do not seal the pack- age as this is against the postal laws.

2 When goods are returned by EXPRESS, send letter in the package. Also bills if jou have them.

3 When goods are returned by FREIGHT, mail letter to us with bill if you have it. tlso the receipt which the Agent gave you for the shpment.

4— If the merchandise was shippd to you direct from one of our factories, write us fir shipping in- structions before sending back the gcods.

Things to Remenber

When checking over your order please see that you have omitted none of the gooG you intended buying from us.

1 Be sure that you have given your ull name and ad-

dress, and on a separate slip of paper yur old address in case you have moved recently. .

2 Be sure to mention both Post Office md Shipping Point if they are not the same.

3 See that you have given correct aricle numbers, size,

colors, etc., of each article ordered, an; enclose a sample when necessary. , ,

4 On all goods not marked “Prepaid in our catalog be sure to enclose sufficient money not onlyto pay for the mer- chandise ordered, but additional moniy to pay carrying charges if you want the shipment sent b parcel post or your station is a “Prepay” point.

Be Sure to Give Correct Measurement On page 59b of this catalog you will find complete dire* ions for taking ac- curate measurements. If you follow t.ese directions care- fully you will receive wearing apparel fiat will fit you. \\ e suggest that you follow the simple dirctions given on page 59(1 when sending us your measuremers, even though you feel certain that you know what sizes yu do take.

When ordering repair parts please gre make, model and year you bought the implement or mchine. If there is a casting number on the worn or broken lart give us that too.

Do not return parts of a suit. If it is necessary to make an exchange please return the whole sit. Ihis avoids con- fusion, mistakes and saves time.

Chicago Kansas City

| Sariafacuon Guarantee<fi7jr -Tour Money Bads j

J Chicago

Fort Worth Portand, Ore.

'lilcnlucnic'iijllald '(hicagc-k

See the display of merchandise at our show room when you visit Ciicago.







newest fall and winter



The prettiest, the best and the newest fashions in

the Parisian, New York and Chicago markets are here gathered for your selection. The style range is so wide that you are sure to find something to suit you, no matter what your taste or need.

Every garment we show has had to measure up to a high standard of excellence in style, material and work- manship; and it had to be a bigger value than you can buy anywhere else.

Behind each article you select stands our unqualified guar- antee of satisfaction. It must satisfy you perfectly as to fit, style, material, workmanship and value, or we re-

turn your money and pay transportation charges both ways,

' You will find Montgomery Ward & Co. styles values and service this year better than ever before. Look through our fashion pages in this catalog, and you will see distinct evidence

of this.

This Season’s New Style Features

The coats for Fall and Winter wear tend toward loose and wrappy effects. Collars in many cases are so big as to almost threaten to swallow up the garment. Cuffs are inclined to be large, in keeping with the collars. Almost aiy sort of sleeve is used. Most coats are cut the length of the skirt, although coatee and three-quai ter length mddels will continue to be popular.

The backs are particularly handsome this season and are often trintned with pleats to give a panel effect. Many are held il by all-around belts. It is fashionable, though, to let thej backs hang loosely from the neck or yoke. Pin and cord lucks are largely used for trimming, with stitch- ing and buitons next in popularity.

The vogue in coat materials this year runs to fur fabrics, pile plushes and soft, wool cloths, such as velours, silver- tones, polo ^nd polo velour— the latter a soft, woolly velour resembling polo. Brown promises to be a very popular color.

To be ini style this season your suit should follow the new straight-line silhouette. The coat should be three- quarter length with the. fullness held in at the natural waist line bj a narrow all-around belt. The most fashion- able trimmings are tucks, silk braid, stitching and buttons. Suit skirts Flow the straight-line silhouette and are nar- row and shoo

The new resses have the narrow and short silhouette, as contraste [ with last winter’s narrow and long lines. Wherever onl looks, one sees a sash or girdle of some sort

about the waist line, which is normal. Basque effects are also popular. Bouffant hips continue to be very stylish, although many dresses appear without them. Designers are also using tunics to good effect.

Long sleeves are again coming into style. Many smart models continue to show short sleeves. For trimming, the new dresses rely on tucks, braid and embroidery. Some very fashionable costumes are displaying the new tucked-in elastic, or harem, bottom.

Hats with off-the-face effects promise to be very much in vogue. Many shapes from Paris, however, are showing, turned-down brims. The crush or tarn crown appears on many of the newest models. Feathers and bright tinsel effects are very fashionable.

Prices Cut the Limit

To receive more for your money brings down the high cost of clothing. And you do this on every garment you buy from us.

Many of the materials used are being given you at last year’s low prices. Other big savings are yours on garments made up in large quantities at low cost during the manu- facturers’ dull season. To give you still greater values, we have cut our own profits to the bone.

These savings are yours without any sacrifice of style, material or workmanship. In fact, they are better than ever before.

Wh n ordering, be sure to mention Size , Color and Number wanted.

'Chicago 31


All Wool Silvertone Velour 10C122


All the New Style Features

Silk Pile ?lush 10C11S

Handsome New Model

This handsome coat of All Wool Silvertone Velour should particularly appeal to you because it offers so many desirable features. Much of its distinction is due to the smart lines of the flare back and the desirable trimming of cord tucks.

The material, a blending of dark and lighter fibres, combines beautifully with the unusually deep collar of Kit Coney fur. This collar forms a wide shoul- der cape or may be worn buttoned high.

The deep set-in sleeves end in wide tailor-stitched cuffs. The back may hang loose with the belt pass- ing through side slots, or gathered under an all around belt. Lined to the waist with novelty sa- teen; wide facings of self material and neatly bound seams. Ship, wt., 4 lbs., 2 oz.

SIZES; 34 to 46. Length, about 4S inches. Be sure to mention size when ordering.

10C122— Navy Blue.

10C124 Brown.

10C126 Oxford Gray.

Price, each $35.00

Such good values, and so charac- teristic of this season’s new styles were these two coats, that they sim- ply had to have the opening page of our coat section. They have the beautiful lines of the loose, wrappy coats that are so fashionable this year, and yet have been modified in a way that makes them very practical.

Both have wonderfully big and luxurious looking collars of real fur. At a time when fashion calls for col- lars so big as to be almost capes, they add a particularly stylish note to the garments.

Both of these coats are recom- mended as among our very best values.


The Latest Wrap Coat

The booming style of this new Wrap Coat makes it the garnent you want for jeneral and dressy wear It is cut aong the new, smar lines so popular in fur coats and developed in a fine quality Silk Seal Plush This mateial, with its deep pile and soft lustre, gives a rich effet very much like rial fur at a fraction ol the cost.

The larc fur collar of gentine Kit Coney will par- ticularly pease you because t adds to the luxurious appearanc and warmth of tie coat.

The nev set-in sleeves wit'i deep cuffs are modellec after the vry latest style. A clt pockets and buttons covered w h self material. The belt may be worr all a round, he outside or sloped through side slots sc that the ack hangs loose It is lined throughout with good.vearing quality cotton twill. Ship, wt., lbs.. 2 oz.

SIZESu4 to 46. Length, about 45 inches. 1 sure to rmtion size desired when ordering.

10C116 Hack only. Price, each $49.

Special Values

UlcnJgcme lyll Old. fyicagc *

A becoming Dress Hat from pages 62, 64, 65 will ad to your costume.


All the Beauty of a Real Fur Coat

Seal nlushes velveteen plushes, beaver fur fabric and all similar fur’ fabrics are the ideal materials for winter coats. They are rich and handsome in appearance and give all the warmth and beauty of a real lur coat at a fraction of the cost.

^ f

Silk Seal Plush 10C134

Silk Seal Plush 10C132



How to Measure instructions are given you on page 33

Beaver Fur Cloth 10C136


Exquisitely Designed Model

ou will be delighted With this lovely coat made he same smart style favored for Hudson Seal, act, at a short distance you could scarcely tell om a real fur coat.

he material, Silk Sell Plush, with its soft, rich re is beautifully adapted to the flowing lines of stylish garment. Moreover, it is such good lity that it will give Excellent service, large cape collar of lenuine Kit Coney fur com-

;es its luxurious appearance and may be opened cefully over the shouMers or buttoned high. 1 he •s are cut very deep afid are trimmed with large ' covered but tons wh.F also fasten the front and t. The welt pockets are deep and convenient, t is lined throughout with lustrous satin Venetian, .p. wt., 5 lbs., 5 oz- . , n

SIZES: 34 to 46. Lenkth, about 38 inches. Be ■e to mention size.

C132— Black only. Pr^e, each $57.50

Silk Seal Plush

The woman who wants a good-looking garment in a superior material will find this coat entirely to her liking. It is made of Seal Plush, a rich-looking fabric with lustrous deep silk pile, and is the most economical plush you can buy because of its wear- ing qualities.

Cut along slender, height-giving lines, it is a model particularly beco rmng to the mature woman

who wants beauty and serviceability combined

The wide tailored belt may be worn side

slots with the back hanging loose or bdted a'l around outside. A b ecoming convertible collar fastens with buttons covered with self materia . Deep cuffs and conveni ent welt pockets.

It is lined throughout with good wearing quality cotton serge. Ship, wt., 5 lbs., 5 oz.

SIZES: 34 to 46. Length, about 48 inches. Be sure to mention size.

1CC134— Black only. Price, each $39.50

Stunning Fur Fabric Coat

This is positively the best looking pile fabric coat we have ever seen for the money. Its rich, silky nap gives the effect of genuine lur and the very cut of the flare back is like a real fur model.

See how luxurious the deep collar is, ^ether but- toned at the throat or worn open on the shoulders. Large self-covered buttons trim the cufis and unus- ually attractive pockets with their wide flaps of

SCThe belt may be worn outside all around, but preferably slipped through side slots to leave the

^An additional feature is the lining throughout of I good wearing quality sateen in beautiful figured d

SiflZlt:iP,4W.o 46lbS Length, about 40 inches. Bej sure to mention size.

10C136 Black. 45 I

10C138 Beaver Tan. Price, each |

Match your Coat in a separate Skirt on pages 56 61.

Months ago we planned to make these seven women’s and misses’ coats the biggest bargains we have ever of- fered. Every charge has 4 been eliminated except the cost of labor, materials and the necessary expense of getting them to you.

By ordering in large quan- tities during the manufactur- er’s dull season we secured a particularly low price. The entire saving has been passed on to you.

All the new style features are included in this range.













Remarkable Coat Value

Smart Utility Coat

A Beautiful Coat for General Wear

We recommend this coat as one of the most unusual values we have ever offered. It is an up-to-date model and has a deep collar of soft Kit Coney fur. The material is an excellent winter weight Wool Velour Coating with a small percentage of cotton.

At the back a wide box-pleat is finished-with stylish tailored stitching and buttons which also trim the novelty cuffs and large pockets of self material. All around belt with the popular two- button fastening.

The coat is lined to the waist with heavy mercerized twill, has deep facings of self material and all seams are bound. Ship- ping weight 4 lbs., 4 oz.

WOMEN'S SIZES: 34 to 46. Length, about 45 inches.

MISSES’ SIZES: 16 to 20 yrs. Length in proportion. In ordering be sure to mention size.

10C1 40 —Navy Blue. 10C142 Brown. 10C143 Green.

Price, each $24.95

This handsome model is made in different shades of rich Velveteen Plush, through early purchasing, we are able to offer it to you at a remarkably loiy price.

Here you will find a beautiful and ser- viceable material in a style which is be- coming to practically every figure.

The wide collar may be worn