Lordís Day 22




The Comfort from the last two articles of our Confession of Faith


  1. It gives light regarding death and grief
  2. It gives hope regarding a perfect blessedness




The Comfort for eternity


  1. At our lifeís end
  2. At the end of time


The last benefits of the Spirit


  1. In our blessed resurrection
  2. In our eternal life


Christ our resurrection and our life


  1. As our resurrection
  2. As our life


Through death to glory


  1. In the victory over death
  2. In the swallowing up of death




The Holy Spirit in the completion of Christís Easter work


  1. He fulfills Christís Easter peace in our death
  2. He fulfills Christís Easter reality in our resurrection
  3. He fulfills Christís Easter glory in our eternal life.