Lordís Day 43 Themes and Divisions


Arthur VanDelden


Truth is constructive; the lie destroys


1.      In Adam, the lie conquered the truth

2.      In Christ, the truth conquers the lie


Clarence Bouwman


The God of peace teaches us to preserve our neighbourís reputation


1.      The daily setting of false witness

2.      The devilish origin of false witness

3.      The Lordís triumph over false witness


The God of truth instructs his people to speak the truth


1.      We are to be truthful to the neighbour

2.      We are to be truthful to the self

3.      We are to be truthful to God


The God of truth desires a people of truth


1.      The setting of the ninth commandment in Israel

2.      The significance of the ninth commandment today


Wes Bredenhof


The Ninth Word directs us to embrace our identity in the Truth


1.      The first Adam and the lie

2.      The second Adam and the truth


Our speech increasingly reflects our identity in the Truth


This is shown in:


1.      Putting to death old ways and attitudes

2.      Bringing new ways and attitudes to life


B. Holwerda


The Ninth Commandment


1.      The letter of this commandment

2.      The meaning of this commandment

3.      The fulfillment of this commandment


Clarence Stam


The LORD commands us in the ninth commandment to love the Truth


1.      The truth must be said!

2.      But not always.


R.H. Bremmer


Lying is of the Devil


1.      Therefore we should hate lying and

2.      Love the truth


J. Kok


The Ninth commandment


1.      Forbids the misuse of the tongue

2.      Commands the good use of the tongue


What is Godís will in the Ninth Commandment?


1.      It forbids falsehood in word and deed

2.      It calls us to uprightness in doctrine and life