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Vagabond songs and ballads of Scotland. Ed., with notes, by R. Ford

 By Robert Ford

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Full view - 1904


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Bedesmen are an order of paupers to whom the kings of Scotland were in the custom of distributing a certain alms, in conformity with the ordinances of the Catholic Church, and who were expected in return to pray for the royal welfare and that of the state.Page 220
Oh there's not a trade that's going Worth showing, Or knowing, Like that from glory growing, For a bowld sojer boy; Where right or left we go, Sure you know, Friend or foe Will have the hand or toe From a bowld sojer boy! There's not a town we march thro', But the ladies, looking arch thro...Page 321
When first I came to be a man Of twenty years or so, I thought myself a handsome youth, And fain the world would know : In best attire I stept abroad, With spirits brisk and gay, And here and there, and everywhere...Page 52
Badenyon. When love had thus my heart beguiled with foolish hopes and vain, To friendship's port I steer'd my course, and laugh'd at lovers' pain; A friend I got by lucky chance — 'twas something like divine ; An honest friend's a precious gift, and such a gift was mine. And now, whatever may betide, a happy man was I, In any strait I knew to whom I freely might apply.Page 53
Love will lend wings to follow, And will find out the way. There is no striving To cross his intent, There is no contriving His plots to prevent ; But if once the message greet him, That his true love doth stay, If Death should come and meet him, Love will find out the way.Page 207
Gilderoy. Wae worth the loun that made the laws, To hang a man for gear, To 'reave of life for ox or ass, For sheep, or horse, or mare : Had not their laws been made sae strick, I neir had lost my joy, Wi' sorrow neir had wat my cheek, . For my dear Gilderoy.Page 30
And old King Coul he had a brown bowl, And they brought him in fiddlers three ; And every fiddler was a very good fiddler, And a very good fiddler was he : Fiddle-diddle, fiddle-diddle, went the fiddlers three : And there's no a lass in a' Scotland, Compared to our sweet Marjorie.Page 153
OLD King Cole was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three.Page 151
Cam' seeking me to woo. And wow, but he was a braw young lad, A brisk young lad, and a braw young lad ; And wow, but he was a braw young lad, CamPage 295
Wi' me to lead his life; But, ah! his manfu' heart was bent To stir in feats of strife. And he in many a venturous deed His courage bauld wad try; And now this gars mine heart to bleed For my dear Gilderoy. And when of me his leave he tuik, The tears they wet mine ee; I gave tull him a parting luik, "My benison gang wiPage 29

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