Lordís Day 41 Themes and Divisions


George VanPopta


The gospel and the 7th commandment call us to modesty in how we clothe ourselves


1.      The need for clothes

2.      The Lord Jesus unclothed

3.      The Christianís clothes


Keith Davis


God calls us to preserve the purity of the marriage covenant


We do so two ways:


1.      By detesting the perversions which endanger marriage

2.      By exemplifying the conduct which promotes marriage


Wes Bredenhof


Marriage:Godís blueprint for man and woman to live in intimate relationship


We see this blueprint:


1.      Grounded in creation

2.      Vandalized in the fall

3.      Restored and fulfilled in Christ


Clarence Bouwman


In his care the Lord our God warns us against unchastity


1.      Why unchastity is cursed

2.      How sexuality is restored


In the seventh commandment God protects marriage from decay


1.      The purpose of marriage

2.      The reason for passions


Arthur VanDelden


Happy are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the Lordís seventh commandment


1.      What God demands of us in the seventh commandment

2.      What God promises regarding the seventh commandment


Henry VanderKam


Christian Marriage


1.      Its preparation

2.      Its essence

3.      Its dangers


Clarence Stam


The Lord commands us in the seventh commandment to glorify God in our body


1.      Why we must glorify God in our body

2.      How we shall glorify God in our body


K. Dijk


Godís protection of marriage


1.      In his favour to us

2.      In our service to him


Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit


1.      What grace!

2.      What a responsibility!


God requires chastity in our whole life.




1.      This life is an image of him

2.      This life is a gift from him

3.      This life is a service to him.